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Case Studies - where MTF have supported UK businesses with import and export finance

Take a look at some of the work we have already done to help businesses across the UK that require import finance or export finance. If we can do the same for you and your business, get in touch with one of our experienced team to discuss what trade finance solutions are needed to support your small to medium business in the UK.

Case Study 1 - Trade Finance for Ultra-Low Temperature Research

ICE Oxford Ltd an Oxfordshire based designer and manufacturer of Laboratory Cryogenic Equipment used by Universities and National Research Establishments throughout the world, was in need of a facility to help buy essential specialised componentry used in production of their units.  MTF was introduced by UK Export Finance and was able to give a facility of £350,000 to purchase the required items on behalf of the company.  MTF took an assignment from the clients customers to repay the outlay.  The facility has recently been increased to £500,000 and orders are increasing because of the confidence built on their guaranteed on-time payments to their suppliers.

Case Study 2 - Trade Credit Insurance for Specialised Agro-chemicals for Continental Europe

A Norfolk company producing and supplying specific use Agro-Chemicals to growers across the United Kingdom and Europe has benefited from a facility offered by MTF to buy the raw materials to manufacture the products and then to re-finance the resulting invoices to their customers to improve and speed up cash-flow. The deal required an understanding of the processes and a knowledge of the industry.  MTF’s Client Manager worked with the client and devised a system which worked for all.   The original plan was for £350,000 but it soon became apparent that this was too small and MTF have recently increased it to £750,000.  The clients customers have all been Trade Credit insured by MTF, which gives all parties security.

Case Study 3 - Trade Finance for Replacement Windscreens for Cars, Vans and Buses

Northern Ireland is the place where MTF helps a local importer and distributor of Car, Van and Bus Windscreens.  The company also has a unit in Dublin serving the Republic.  The company imports many thousands of screens per  month from Europe and China. These are sent out to fitters in the Province, the Republic and Scotland.  MTF receives a Bill of Exchange from the company to cover the whole cost of each shipment on a variable payment date to suit their in-flows. It also has effective Trade Credit insurance on the company with some back-up provided by Limited Personal Guarantees provided by the Directors.