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How UK businesses can benefit from using trade finance facilities

MTF - supporting SME business growth

The benefits of import or export finance for small and medium businesses can range from, the client being able to start doing new import and export trades that they couldn’t otherwise do, to doing more business with existing/new customers on better terms.

If the client is currently funding the trade in full within cash flow then using import and export finance can free up working capital for other purposes enabling them to grow the business quicker or in different directions.

Our support also means that they can concentrate on sourcing new suppliers or goods and finding buyers leaving us to take control of the transaction and to work with them to minimise the risks.

Once we have an import or export finance facility in place the client is in a position to negotiate payment terms and price at both ends of the trade with confidence. That means that they can look to potentially buy and supply in larger quantities and/or at better margins.

The combination of the independent inspection of the goods and the option of setting up/handling a documentary credit ensures that suppliers fulfil the terms of their supply contract and deliver goods of the specified quality.

Additional comfort is provided by the confirmation before shipment from the buyer that they will accept the goods and make payment in line with the Purchase Order.

Our people are there to provide support and guidance before, during and after the trade and to use their experience to protect the interests of both parties.